The Early Years

Eddie Ray (Russell):  was born much like in the movies, born in a log cabin in Slickford Kentucky and was given up for adoption when he was at the age of four. Ending up in New Castle, IN he traveled between foster homes one after another and was a bit of a delinquent.

He learned himself to play the guitar on a Yukalaylee by tuning the bottom four strings on the Yukalaylee like a guitar. Later on he traded a stray hound dog that follow him home and no one claimed the dog for an old Gibson F hole guitar where he learned to play and write his songs. Eddie has always said God had something to do with the dog and his guitar they both found the right home.

To date Eddie Ray has written over 600 hundred songs in every genre of music. He has produced several Major Artist and several independent artists. He produced the Roy Acuff video The Conway Twitty production of Winter Comes Autumn Leaves. He is a member of BMI and a member in good standing with the American Federation of Musicians union Nashville 257 for over 30 years service. Eddie’s known for his ability to write for movies as well as for today’s new country pop sound and every genre of music. His early years started by playing the honky tonk’s bars & clubs from Indiana and coast to coast.  in1961 Eddie was invited to come to Nashville by the man himself Roy Acuff who was so impressed by Eddie’s ability to sing and play he open several doors in Nashville for him. By 1969 Eddie ended up in Los Angeles, CA to work in the recording industry working with Dorsey Burnett, Ray Peterson, Donny Brooks, and several more too many to mention. In the 70’s and 80’s he  worked as The Eddie Ray Show,  a show band by 1989 Eddie Ray also known as The Golden Bear of Country Music, Ed Russell ,became a member of Castle Records a  Nashville based Record label. Taking on the management skills to manage Carl Butler a Grand old Opry Star



Conway Twitty & Eddie Ray                                          Carl Butler   Jimmy Dean  & Eddie Ray                             Mickey Newberry & Eddie Ray



                                                     Harold Bradley & Eddie Ray Russell

                                                    Receiving His Twenty Fife Year Pen



                                                                        Ottis Blackwell & Eddie Ray



                                                                                                                 Eddie Ray Russell & Audrey Honeycutt


 Eddie Ray  Guitar & Bass

his Band

Left to Right Kyle Cross Drums Warren Keith Piano Chad Webb Guitar


        Movie 2009  Eddie Ray  



Clinton Gregory  Charley Hodge  Bob Mitchell  Eddie Ray               Eddie Ray & Marty Raven         



                 Minnesota Fats And Eddie Ray                                           Ronnie Millsap and  Eddie Ray                                 Eddie Ray & Jennie Pruett


                       Eddie Ray & John Conley                                            Jerry Clower  & Eddie Ray                                                   Brian White &


                                    The Drifters                                                                      Mindy McCready & Eddie Ray Russell

              Bill Pinkney Ali Ollie Woodson & Eddie Ray i